Dr. Peloza Presents at SMISS Meeting

Last weekend, Dr. John Peloza attended the Society for Minimally-Invasive Surgery annual meeting. Dr. Peloza presented a peer-reviewed/selected abstract on the Dreal™spinal decompression and bone removal system.

 Below is original news release:

Carevature’s Dreal™ Lumbar Decompression System Shows Enhanced Foraminotomy Efficiency, With Reduced Spinal Instability and Patient Strain in Minimally Invasive Cases

Preliminary clinical experience to be presented at upcoming SMISS, Sep. 2017, by Dr. John Peloza of the Center for Spine Care, Dallas, TX

TEL AVIV, Israel, Sept. 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Carevature Medical Ltd., developer of advanced orthopedic and neurological surgery solutions, announces the preliminary clinical results of its Dreal™ spinal decompression and bone removal system. The results will be given in an oral presentation by Dr. John Peloza at the annual forum of the Society for Minimally-Invasive Spine Surgery in Las Vegas, NV (September 14-16, 2017).

Dr. Peloza’s presentation will focus on cases performed by high-profile spinal surgeons – including John Peloza, MD; Richard Guyer, MD; Nahshon Rand, MD; Michael Millgram, MD; William Beutler, MD, FACS; Walter Peppelman, DO; and Ely Ashkenazi, MD. Results have shown the Dreal™ to promote improved access to the foramen, as well as potential increase in foraminal volume, without compromising spinal stability.

Dr. Peloza, a world-renowned orthopedic surgeon, specializing in advanced minimally invasive spine technologies, has successfully employed the Dreal™ in over 60 commercial lumbar and cervical procedures at Baylor Scott and White Medical Center, Frisco, TX. “Our clinical work so far shows the Dreal™ system enables shorter and safer decompressions, preserving maximum healthy tissue and facilitating patient recovery”, says Dr. Peloza. “Dreal™ has become a valuable work tool for me, in both lumbar and cervical cases using a minimally-invasive approach.”

Dr. Larry Khoo, a renowned pioneer of minimally-invasive techniques from the Spine Clinic of Los Angeles and executive VP marketing of SMISS adds: “In procedures where avoiding fusion or preserving segmental motion are a desired goal, the Dreal™ represents the next step in minimally-invasive decompression technology. I’ve been using it to perform lumbar decompressions through a standard 18mm tube, allowing me to achieve more thorough decompression of the lateral recesses and foramina, while still preserving the functional facet complex – resulting in decreased risk of delayed instability.”

Yosi Weitzman, founder and CEO of Carevature, is equally optimistic: “We’ve set out to overcome the present-day challenges of minimally-invasive orthopedic and neurological surgery. That’s why we’re committed to expanding our technology into additional indications. We’re excited to introduce the benefits of the Dreal™ to a growing number of surgeons and medical centers, as part of our mission to improve surgical outcomes for patients, surgeons, and healthcare systems.”


Carevature Medical Ltd., a privately-held medical device company headquartered in Rehovot, Israel, is dedicated to developing advanced orthopedic surgery solutions. Carevature is currently marketing its flagship line of products for spinal indications, Dreal™: the first and only curved device powerful enough to efficiently cut bone, and small enough for use in all sections of the spine. Over 550 patients worldwide have been treated with the Dreal™, with outstanding safety and recovery results.

Source: www.carevature.com

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