Atlantis Vision Elite


The ATLANTIS VISION® ELITE Anterior Cervical Plate is a titanium implant used to treat patients who suffer from degenerative disc disease that affects the neck (cervical spine). When a spinal disc is diseased, it can lose height, compressing nerves and causing pain in the neck. There are an estimated 180,000 cervical fusion procedures performed in the United States each year to relieve compression on the spinal cord or nerve roots.

The ATLANTIS VISION® ELITE cervical plate is designed to provide stability during spinal fusion, which involves joining two bones together, such as adjacent vertebrae. This innovative system combines two existing Medtronic technologies in one plate – a quarter turn locking mechanism designed to prevent the screws from backing out or loosening during fusion, and a plate design that offers surgeons visibility to better view the spine.

Provided by Medtronic, Inc.

Provided by Medtronic, Inc.

Stem Cell

Center for Spine Care offers stem cell therapy as a conservative treatment to promote natural healing for back or neck pain. Utilizing mesenchymal stem cells, this new method is used to treat patients with neck and back pain caused from degenerative disc disease.