Body Braces

Anterior Cervical Orthosis (ACO)

These can be either soft or rigid. Soft collars are often used for minor cervical injury and can provide a great deal of comfort after a “whiplash” injury. Rigid collars are commonly used as a postoperative treatment to assist in neck immobilization. They can also be used to temporarily treat instability of the cervical spine.

Thoracolumbosacral Orthosis (TLSO)

This is usually a rigid brace and comes in various styles. It is designed to immobilize the upper and lower back. It is commonly used in thoracic or lumbar spinal fractures, and also during postoperative periods.

Lumbosacral Orthosis, Lumbar Corset, Back Brace (LSO)

Lumbar corsets can be rigid or soft. They provide support for the lumbar spine, help reduce the load on back muscles, and are helpful during episodes of acute and chronic low back pain. They are also used for support after spine surgery such as discectomy, and fusion surgeries. Patients should avoid becoming dependent on the lumbar corsets. If they are used for prolonged periods (weeks and months), the back muscles may begin to weaken and cause a patient to be more prone to reinjury.

Stem Cell

Center for Spine Care offers stem cell therapy as a conservative treatment to promote natural healing for back or neck pain. Utilizing mesenchymal stem cells, this new method is used to treat patients with neck and back pain caused from degenerative disc disease.