Electrical Stimulation

Neurostimulation is indicated as an aid for management of chronic, intractable pain of the neck, back, and limbs.

Neurostimulation delivers precisely controlled, mild electrical impulses to the spinal cord or to a peripheral nerve. Neurostimulation is a proven effective alternative to repeated back surgery, medication, or other therapies. Neurostimulation uses a small system that is surgically placed under the skin to send mild electrical impulses to the spinal cord or to a peripheral nerve. The electrical impulses are delivered through a lead that is also surgically placed. These electrical impulses block the pain signal from reaching the brain.

Because neurostimulation works in the area where pain signals travel, electrical impulses can be directed to cover specific sites where you are feeling pain. Neurostimulation can give effective pain relief and decrease the need for pain medications. In addition, this therapy is non-destructive. Typically, patients who have success with neurostimulation experience a 50% greater reduction in their pain and improved ability to go about daily activities.

Stem Cell

Center for Spine Care offers stem cell therapy as a conservative treatment to promote natural healing for back or neck pain. Utilizing mesenchymal stem cells, this new method is used to treat patients with neck and back pain caused from degenerative disc disease.